mercoledì 7 dicembre 2011


When the song is over, you might start thinking that you are between two continents the same feeling you can also have between Morocco and Spain in the Strait of Gibraltar.A city of contrasts and a meeting point for Asian and European cultures. As soon as you enter the blue-green Bosphorus, the domes of its grand mosques dominate the scene. When the sun sets and the night falls, the sound of prayer rises and fills the air with dreamy tones and mourning songs.Taksim square is like no other place I have ever seen around the world. It stretches for blocks and blocks of live music bars, restaurants and pubs, with multicolored bean bags set all over the dozens of pedestrian streets, where Istanbulians and tourists alike walk around en masse from one locale to the other,  while listening to the beautiful music of the Mosque.LLL.

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